Leaping Leopards

The last 2 Short Trails have been amazing, yesterday we started the walk with a sighting of an elephant bull. We spent 20 minutes watching the bull has he drank at a waterhole. We left the elephant bull and headed North and found a group of white rhino, the rhino were hanging out and a second waterhole.

This morning we tracked a leopard up a hill we could hear Impala snorting and Nyala barking at the leopard a few meters in front of us but couldn’t see the leopard. We left the area and moved around the hill and across a valley. When on the other side iof the valley we heard a Vervet Monkeys alarm calling, we scanned the opposite slope with binoculars and we were rewarded with a brief sighting of a leopard moving through a thicket.

Leopard are a very rare thing to find on a walking safari, I have been privliged enough to see leopard on 3 different trails. On one of the trails I was entering a river bed and a massive male leopard moved out of the forest and crossed over the river bed infront of me.