Hot time of year

It is the season of bush fires in Zululand. In a few weeks all the controlled ecological burns would have been done and the area will resemble a black desert. Many people think the fires are destructive but they are an essential tool for managing Game Reserves but need to be used wisely.

Once a fire has been through an area I have had lots of guests gasp in sadness when we find a herd of Zebra or a Black Rhino wandering around in the soot, “What is it going to eat?” is the usual remark but they are there for a reason. Most animals enjoy eating the burnt twigs and scolded leaves, Zebra even enjoy rolling in the ash. After a few weeks, once the first rains have fallen new¬†plants will shoot and provide a nutritious meal for all the animals. Some seeds cannot germinate unless they have been burnt in a fire.

Walking Safaris after the first rains are my favorite as the grass is short making it easy to walk and even easier to find animals. It is also the time when most animals are giving birth to their young, making for some awesome game viewing.