Zululand Walking Safaris is based in the Heart of Northern Zululand in the Zululand Rhino Reserve, a 23,000 hectare BIG 5 game reserve.

Go on a trail with one of our very experienced guides as they lead you expertly through majestic scenery and introduce you to the African Bush. The Walking Safaris, or Trails as we call them, are an opportunity for you to use all 5 of your senses to enjoy nature, taste the fruit of the Red Ivory Tree, hear the sound of branches cracking as a Black Rhino feeds, smell the freshness of the bush after a thunderstorm, see the awesome power of an Elephant as it pushes over trees to access the roots and feel the sand under your feet as you stroll bare foot through the river.

Wake up early in the morning and head out on trail. As you weave your way through the bush along well used game paths you may encounter some of Africa’s larger wildlife like the BIG 5, Cheetah, Hippo, Giraffe and copious amounts of Antelope species. Guides will teach you amazing things about the magnitude of tree species that grow here and introduce you to a range of smaller animals like insects, spiders and reptiles. Stopping for lunch in the shade of a tree, take the opportunity during this lunch time break to relax, read a book, do some bird watching or just have a nap. After a long break head out again on the final half of the days safari.

For guests that are interested in birds a walking safari is a must! The groups are not limited to a vehicle, like a game drive, having the freedom to move around and get into places where vehicles simply cannot go. Find masses of birds as you move unrestricted from one area to the next. Special sightings in the area include Pink Throated Twin spots, Green Twin Spots, Crested Guinea Fowl, Narina Trogon and African Crowned Eagle because of the size of the reserve and its diverse terrain over 500 species of birds occur in our area of operation, making it a species hotspot.

With the reserves rolling hills in the west stretching to the flat lands in the east, the river and its forests flowing through the center, we can tailor make your trail to suit your group. We are able to offer both the novice and the more intrepid guest an amazing experience.


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